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Welcome to my blog. I am so excited to be here…

I am absolutely convinced that chocolate has been sent from the gods of all that is beautiful and delicious! As a food art medium to work with, nothing can compare to chocolate. But before I continue sharing the story of my love affair with chocolate, let me state quite clearly that I am only talking about superior quality chocolate – couverture to be exact – for anything but the best is not worth working with, eating, or even mentioning. Real beautiful chocolate is a food that is so very luxurious and when manufactured correctly, is also exceptionally good for us…

So why do I love working with chocolate? Beside the fact that it is healthy when manufactured correctly… it is a medium that commands such respect. We ‘practiced chocolatiers’ call ourselves ‘Master Chocolatiers’, but I think we never become true masters over chocolate for it always demands care in handling to the utmost degree, and if you ever become even a little bit ‘cocksure’ of yourself, it will swiftly bring you back down to where you should be – worshiping its magnificence from slightly below – always respecting its delicate nature – never treating it with anything else but sheer awe and gratitude. Yup – this is how I see chocolate and I am happy to be one of its humble servants, for once this realization is reached, then we – the medium and I - are able to create together, and such beautiful creations unfolds… followed by a feeling of complete satisfaction and accomplishment. If later the opportunity presents itself to offer the chocolate creation to another, seeing their delight on presenting it and then when watching them taste it… well… I do not actually have words to describe this almost godly moment.

Well there you have it… I am clearly in love with the delicate and demanding art medium of chocolate. Here in this blog I would like to share as much as I can with you. I hope to pass on the feeling of love I have with chocolate and I also wish to emphasize how ‘healthy’ chocolate can be made into a beautiful form- visually, texturally and in taste. I am often disappointed by how those who sell ‘healthier’ chocolate do not take the time to balance flavours in favour of the demanding taste buds of us humans, and often forgo presentation of the product. How often have you seen chocolate in health stores that looks plain and often not very visually appealing at all? It need not be this way! And here in my blog I am determined to show you how ‘healthier’ chocolate can be made to look beautiful – even food sexy – and remain delicious. So, allow me to welcome you on this journey.

It will be fun!

Chocolate Lotus Flower
Chocolate Lotus Flower